Saturday, 3 December 2016

AAR Battle at Laneffe

Pictoral AAR of Battle at Laneffe, part of Murdock's Waterloo Campaign.

Laneffe and bridge over R. Th

Prussian forces defending.

Prussian 1st Brigade defending river line

Ney and French 1st Corps approach from South

Prussian defensive positions

French 1st & 2nd Divisions engage Prussian river line troops.
Cavalry sweep western river for possible fording point.

First French assault on bridge fails

Prussian cavalry and artillery move to defend against French
troops crossing the ford on eastern flank.

Milhaud's Heavies charge Prussian battery and engage their cavalry.
French win cavalry engagement and persue Prussian from field.

Second assault on bridge and river line defenders forces Prussian to fall back.
Mounting Prussian casualties from artillery and musket fire.

Infantry from 3rd Division cross the two smaller fords on western flank
while the blown Cuiassiers retire after destroying battery

Prussian cavalry re-inforcements approach on the Charlr road.
French infantry consolidated their hold on the bridgehead.

Prussian counter attack on bridgehead repulsed.

French troops moving to consolidate holding on north side of river.

Prussian cavalry re-inforcements attack French on western flank.
French infantry form square(s)

French 4th Division crossing the eastern ford in strength.

French advance to cross bridge

French moving to cross the ford on eastern flank

Cavalry clash - eastern flank, Prussian cavalry destroyed

French consolidate their position on western flank

4th Division successfully ford River T

The battle was fought over four evenings between Bill Scott, commanding the Prussian forces, and myself as Ney commanding French 1st Corps with Milhaud's Heavy cavalry division.

We used General de Brigade rules, including most of the optional ones, with a troop ratio of 20:1.

One of the French Divisional Commanders lost control of his horse when it was startled by a near miss. It galloped for 'safe' cover blundering into enemy lines. He was captured.


  1. This is an excellent tale for an After Action Report!


    1. Thanks David. My first attempt at doing a blog

  2. Great looking armies on the table. It looks like the prussians were in their 'negaverse' colours =).
    Who makes the fine looking buildings?

    1. Bill's Austrian Infantry took on the onerous task of being the Prussians.

      The buildings were home made some years ago by a club member. They just seemed right to use, if not strictly the architexture of the ares.